Meet Dt Pallavi Jassal

She considers herself fortunate to be amongst a handful of health professionals who have positively contributed in spreading health awareness, not only through her customized consultations as a nutritionist but also as a health presenter on her very well appreciated radio talk shows in the past 13 years.

Her communication & counseling skills blended with in depth research for each one of her 1800 plus shows topped with empathetic voice connects the listeners to her informative health shows. She has the distinction of being an internationally certified diet & nutrition consultant with a vast knowledge on a wide array of diseases and conditions making her conversation with any Doctor more meaningful and effective for a layman.

HealthCare Presenter

She has the gift of gab as an orator and presenter and having endorsed and represented leading health brands like Revital and Britannia, making her the first choice of leading healthcare brands across India.

Academically, she is an Masters in Foods & Nutrition and PGD in Naturopathy & Yoga. She is also a proud Certified Nutritionist by Canadian Society of Nutrition Management.